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Enhance Your Recovery With These Natural Cancer Supplements – Part 2

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Vitamins as Natural Cancer Supplements

 Adding vitamin supplements to your diet is a very good idea and should be taken as a supplement to your diet daily. Vitamins as natural cancer supplements help to boost the immune system. Try to use vitamins that have been manufactured from vegetables, plants and fruits. Vitamins are best when they come from plants. Plants naturally absorb and process vitamins and minerals from the soil into already absorbable vitamins and minerals. It must be noted that vitamins can not be absorbed into the body correctly without the aid of minerals.

Minerals as Natural Cancer Supplements

Deficiency of trace elements (also called minerals) in our daily food is the cause of many diseases, including cancers. Minerals as natural cancer supplements work on the cause of the cancer; slowly and patiently replacing defective proteins and cells day by day with sound ones. Minerals that have been dissolved and processed by plants are in a form that are easily absorbed and digested by the body.

Cancer spreading (metastasizing) throughout the body often culminates in death. Immune suppression is one mechanism that cancer cells use to establish colonies (metastatic lesions). There are many natural cancer supplements that boost the immune system and help fight cancer

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