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Cancer Treatment Hair Loss – Part 1

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Because it is visible to others, hair loss (alopeica) can be one of the more distressing consequences of your treatment for cnacer. We understand because we have been there ourselves.

How much hair is loss?

Chemotherapy may affect all body hair. Since scalp hair is generally in an active growth phase, it is affected by chemotherapy more often than other body hair. Hair loss is usually temporary among patients receiving chemotherapy. Radiation therapy affects hair in the area that is being arradiated. With radiation therapy, hair loss may or may not be permanent. The amount of hair loss can range from thinning to complete baldness. For patients treated with chemotherapy, the degree of hair loss is dependent on the drug and dosage used. The quatity of hair loss as a result of radiation therapy is close and site dependent.

Why does hair fall out?

Cancer cells divide and grow rapidly. Hair is also made up of fast growing cells. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are designed to affect any cells that multiply quickly and cannot differentiate between cancer cells and hair cells. This causes the hair to fall out at the root.

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