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"Do You Know That
Agaricus Blazei Murill Have At Least 99.4% On Anti-Cancer Effect And The Rate Of Complete Recovery Is 90.0%?"

Complement Your Cancer Treatment With Alternative Cancer Treatment To Help You To Boost Up Your Own Immune System To Combat Against Cancer Cells!

From the desk of Roy Phay

Dear Friends,

I know you are busy so let me get straight to the point: Have you constantly being looking for answers?

Have you ever wondered what is it like to have found the answers that you always desired? Answers that would "break free" from your pains and misery...

Do you think the answers to Alternative Cancer Treatments enable you to live a life fill with more hope, happiness and peace...?

If so, I invite you to continue reading this letter because Iím going to reveal shortly how you can make this dream come true, how you really can find your own answers... to improve your life, starting from today...!

But First, Let Me Ask You A Few Questions:

agaricus mushroom Is all the conventional cancer treatment drugs making you nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of hair, hand and foot swelling and rashes, and also mouth sores?
agaricus mushroom Do you know chemotherapy drugs kill your cancer cells but also affect normal cells too?
agaricus mushroom Are you constantly looking for alternative cancer treatment answers, as compared to conventional cancer treatments?
agaricus mushroom Would you want to take more natural can cer supplements to boost your immune system naturally?
agaricus mushroom Do you want the answers to Alternative Cancer Treatments that enable you to live a life filled with more happyiness, peace and hope...?

If you want to boost your immune system naturally, minimize your nausea, vomiting, and loss of hair from chemotherapy, and give your life a second chance with more peace and hope, then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

You are about to discover how you can quickly start giving your health a second chance, with natural cancer treatment.

Medical research has revealed many experiment on the amazing effect Agaricus Blazei Murill have against Sarcoma 180 cancer cell. Now, with Naturo ImmunOHealth®®, you are on your way to increase and boost your immune system naturally.

Medical Research on Agaricus Blazei Murill against
Sarcoma 180 cancer cell

Scientific studies have paid great emphasis on the mushrooms' legendary effects on the enhancement of good health, vitality and our body's resistance against chronic sicknesses. These studies endorse the fact that mushrooms truly do help our body to strengthen itself and the enablement to confront illnesses through the maintenance of physiological homeostasis - restoring our body balance and enhancing our natural resistance to diseases.

Amongst the edible mushrooms which have found to incorporate medicinal properties, is Agaricus Balzei Murill (commonly known as Agaricus Brazil Mushroom) which has attracted growing attention regarding its ability to enhance and balance immunity. It is particularly rich in Beta-Glucan Polysaccharides which produce significant results in treating and preventing cancer.

USA FDA Approved The Enlisting Of Agaricus Blazei Murill

In 1999, the US FDA approved the enlisting of Agaricus Blazei Murill as an "immune enhancing" dietary supplement.

At the Medical Department of Tokyo Univerysity, the National Cancer Center Laboratory and Tokyo College of Pharmacy, guinea pigs were tested on the anti-cancer effects of Agaricus Blazei Murill extracts compared to other mushrooms including Linzi.

Guinea pigs were vaccinated with a deadly Sarcoma 180 cancer cells which normally causes cancer to spread to the entire body over four to five weeks, resulting in the death of almost all these animals. Different types of mushroom extracts were administered for 10 consecutive days.

How Medical Research Proved Effectiveness of
Agaricus Blazei Murill?

The results of the studies are tabulated as Rate of Complete Recovery. The results indicated that 90.0% of those guinea pigs administered with Agaricus Blazei Murill fully recovered. The second series of test were on those fully recovered guinea pigs and in which a second of Sarcoma 180 cancer cell was vaccinated. The results shown that 99.4% of the guinea pigs survived as the second dosage of cancer cell has no impact on those already adminstered with Agaricus Blazei Murill.

From these results, it was deduced that the beta-glucan polysaccharides in the Agaricus Blazei Murill activate the immunity of the normal biological tissue to stimulate the production of macrophage and interferon to prevent the multiplication, metastasis (spreading) and reoccurrence of cancer cells.

It is also noted that a much lower dosage (10mg vs. 30mg) was required by the Agaricus Blazei Murill compared to the other species. This is most likely due to the much higher Beta-Glucan polysaccharides content in Agaricus Blazei Murill.

Ronal Reagan Successfully Fight His Skin Cancer With Agaricus Mushroom

The Agaricus Mushroom drew the attention of the world when the news that the ex-president of the United States, Ronald Reagan took the Agaricus Mushroom, to successfully fight his skin cancer.

The health benefits of the Agaricus Mushroom (also know as Agaricus Blazei Murill), from boosting the immune system to preventing the growth and metastasis of all kinds of cancers, is no longer just accessible to the natives of Sao Paulo, Brazil but it can be now available to everyone through the modern science of pharmaceutical technology by encapsulating all the benefits in easy to swallow capsules.

How does Agaricus Brazil Mushroom Helps you to
Fight Cancer?

Agaricus Brazil Mushroom effectively fight cancer cells by enhancing the body's own immune system
Researchers discovered that the Agaricus Brazil Mushroom is rich in two polysaccharide compounds, the Beta-1,3 D-glucan and Beta-1,6 D-glucan.
Further studies revealed that the mushroom has been clinically found to be effective in improving almost most health problems
Studies showed that the number of cancer cells generated in the body decreased considerably due to the polysaccharides found in the mushroom
The mushroom was cited as a powerful antiviral agent that helped prevent viruses and harmful agents from entering delicate tissue.
The polysaccharides found in the mushroom were found to be effective against Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma (EAC), sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer as well as most solid tumors.

How Safe Is Naturo ImmunOHealth® Pure Agaricus Brazil Mushroom?

Before Naturo products are released to the market, every batch of the Naturo product is scientifically tested by accredited laboratories in Singapore on Microbial Test (bacteria content) and the Heavy Metals Tests (on Copper, Lead, Arsenic & Mercury) to ensure the safety of the products.

All Naturo products are found to be within the safe limit of the specified limits stipulated by the Ministry of Health in Singapore. As for the process of making Naturo ImmunOHealth® Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill, the company imports in the whole Agaricus Brazil Mushroom and process with extraction under the Strict GMP Manufacturer in Singapore to ensure high quality and its efficacy.

7 Reasons Why Whole Mushroom?

  1. If we import granules or powder form of Agaricus Mushroom (which cost a few hundred US dollars a kilogram), we are Not assured of its quality and composition.

  2. The supplier may also wrongly mixes good quality with other inferior quality mushroom, we are Not able to distinguish easily.

  3. We prefer to import in the Whole Agaricus Mushroom, even though it costs more, to ensure its quality which we can visually inspect and ascertain.

  4. Just by looking at the shape of the Whole Agaricus Mushroom, we are able to ascertain that the agaricus mushroom is cultivated in a cleaned and unpolluted air environment without chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

  5. The size of the mushroom depicts the maturity and the nutrients of the mushroom.

  6. In addition, our Whole Agaricus Mushroom is harvested before spreading of the spores (reproduction) to ensure the maximum nutrients are contained within.

  7. Naturo ImmunOHealth® Pure Agaricus Brazil Mushroom is different from the rest as we import in the whole Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom and process in Singapore under strict GMP Manufacturer to ensure product safety, high quality and its efficacy.

How different is Naturo ImmunOHealth® from other
Agaricus Blazei Murill?

Naturo ImmunOHealth® Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill (Agaricus Brazil Mushroom) is rich in polysaccharides called Beta-Glucans. It is well-known that the beneficial effects of Beta-Glucans in ABM are able to enhance and balance the immune system in the body thereby enhancing good health naturally. It is also helpful in reducing side effects of chemotherapy, maintaining normal blood sugar and improving skin conditions.

The Agaricus Brazil Mushroom is naturally grown under non-polluted natural fresh air environment without pesticides and chemicals. Whole Agaricus Brazil Mushroom are imported, specially selected and processed in Singapore under Strict GMP Manufacturer to ensure high quality and it efficacy. The product is preservatives free and has no harmful chemical side effects. It contains No added sugar, salt, starch, coloring, flavoring or fragrance. Yet it tastes naturally delicious.
Each Bottle
: 100 Capsules
(Vegetable Capsules)
Each Capsule
: 550mg 100% Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill and ABM Extracts


"My three year old son Wong KW was diagnosed with Leukaemia. I was very depressed and felt helpless. In September 2005, I read in the Cancer Fix magazine and found an article about Agaricus Brazil Mushroom and its extraordinary boosting power for immune system which I think it may be able to help in Leukaemia and I bought and gave to my son to eat on 26th September 2005 onwards. To my surprise, a scheduled blood test three days after the consumption shown improvement, albeit so numbers in most of the White Blood Count.

I continue to bring him to seek doctor’s treatment with radiotherapy and taking prescribed drugs. I also gave my son the health supplement Agaricus Mushroom which I treat it like part of his daily diet. Subsequent blood tests have shown steady improvements in both White Blood Count and Red Blood Count. The last blood test on 7th Feb 2006 was satisfactory. " [Read More]

Leukaemia - Wong KW, Age 3

"One day in June 2005, I found some smelly discharge from my left breast. After doctor diagnosed it as breast cancer, I was depressed with confused mixed feelings as if it is a death sentence. I was shocked that at such a young age how this could happen to me. There are so many things I have not accomplished yet. I want to live on…

While I undergo chemo and counseling, I do a lot of reading and research on the topic on the internet. I believe there are many natural herbs able to..." [Read More]

Breast Cancer - Ms Lin, Age 32

"Three years ago my neck was swollen suddenly and I was diagnosed with lymphatic node cancer which has spread from testis to the neck. My life was shattered. After the operation to remove the tumor and went through radiotherapy, I decided to change my diet from spicy, oily, deep-fried food to plain steamed food with a lot of fresh vegetables. In addition, I read about the amazing stories about the healing power of Agaricus Brazil Mushroom and decided to consume it everyday as part of my daily diet..." [Read More]

Yeo, Age 36

"When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Lupus Erythematosus, a chronic inflammatory disease of connective tissue, affecting the skin and various internal organs.

I had red scaly rash on the cheek and neck. I also experienced arthritic pains of which sometimes were so unbearable. Lupus is regarded as autoimmune disease. I was on steroid for 20 years!

Until one year ago, my doctor advised me to stop the steroid as it did not really help to improve my conditions at all. In fact he was worried about the side effects of steroid on my bones and internal organs.

I thank God that during the same time, around July 2005, I came across a friend who recommended me the company to contact Naturo Health International and the manager recommended me three products to take ..." [Read More]

Ms Susie, Age 38

Order Naturo ImmunOHealth® Today...
and Start Boosting Your Immune System and Combat Your Cancer Cells Away!

Look, 30 days from now you can be nothing more than a month older, going through the same conventional drug treatments. Or you can make your choice today by boosting your immune system and combat all your cancer cells away, giving you back your life.

Just imagine being able to combat your cancer cells naturally. You decide. You have nothing to fear, because Agaricus Blazei Murill was proved to be the effective alternative cancer treatment to fight away your pains and fear...

So, Choose The Packages Below Today and Take The Next Step Forward!

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Most health problems today are caused by what we eat, and what we did not "output". In order to effectively boost your immune systems in your body, you will need to get rid of all your harmful waste from causing more damages in your body.

Benefits of Naturo Colon Health

Naturo Colon Health is made from finest source of Ispaghula husk that contains high amount of natural soluble and insoluble fibres, with no other additives. It facilitates gentle bowel movements and stool softening, resulting in bulky mass that passes through the colon faster, keeping potentially harmful waste from depositing in the colon. Hence it promotes healthy colon, naturally.
Supplements in balancing dietary fibre intake.
Made from Pure Natural Fibre with no other additives. Preservatives Free
Suitable for Vegetarians.
Facilitates gentle bowel movements.
Promotes healthy colon naturally.

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Package One: One Month Trial Package

Get this One Month Trial Package for Only USD$60, and we will shipped worldwide, regardless where you are, for Only USD$30.

This is a good trial package to try if you will love our ImmunOHealth® to boost up your own immune system to combat against cancer cells!

Package Two: Two Months Basic Package

Grab this Two Months Basic Package which consist:

  • Two Bottles of ImmunOHealth®
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For Only USD$150 and you are on your way to boost up your own immune system to combat against cancer cells!

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Total Saving of USD$40.
Grab this valued package for Only USD$180 and you are definately boosting up your life and own immune system to combat against cancer cells naturally!

Package Four: Ultimate Wholesale Package

Grab this Ultimate Wholesale Package which consist of:

  • Six Bottles of ImmunOHealth® (Worth USD$360)

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  • Free Shipping Worldwide (Worth USD$30)

Total Saving of USD$120.
Rush for this Ultimate Wholesale Package for Only USD$360 today and enjoy Great Savings of Over 30%. This package is best for yourself over the course of six months or use it as alternative cancer treatment supplements.

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Your Choosen Package will be shipped out immediately when you order now. Once you get it, check for any shipping or products default. If you are not absolutely satisfied, simply contact us within 45 days and tell us. We will refund your order, less shipping cost, to you once we recived the faulty goods from you. However, we are so confidence of the quality of our products and we have been shipping our products to all parts of the world for many years. You can be assured of our quality.


Roy Phay

P.S. Choose any of the packages above and you will be on your way to boost your immune system and combat your cancer cells naturally!

P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk as you are protected by our 45 days MONEY-BACK GUARANTEES. So grab at least a Basic Package while you can!

P.P.P.S Still not convinced? Click here for research and further reading. (Opens in new window)

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